Mobile Marketing

Post install performance marketing

Our range of targeted mobile marketing solutions can help you maximize your ROI by ensuring you only pay out on the actions most valuable to you, whether that’s installs, registrations or sales.

Optimise is trusted by over 100 Advertisers to deliver highly successful mobile app campaigns across Asia-Pacific, Europe & Latin-America in the FMCG & Retail, Finance, Technology & Telco and Travel verticals. In 2015 Optimise delivered in excess of 2m app downloads in 12 countries with 150+ mobile affiliates.

Mobile marketing – ROI centric approach

  • Post-install performance marketing solutions that protect Advertisers’ ROI by only paying out on the action that’s most valuable to them, whether that’s installs (CPI), registrations (CPR), or sales (CPA)
  • Post-install event tracking to monitor results against campaign objectives and optimise campaigns in real-time
  • Traffic hedging by aggregating traffic from a wide variety of sources and focusing on those that deliver the highest value users
  • Budget capping to test smaller budgets with affiliates and review quality KPIs before building out the campaign for volume
  • Advanced targeting by geo, city and demographics, across mobile web, in-app and social
  • Effective user acquisition by optimising ad spend across traffic sources that generate the most users with the highest lifetime value at the lowest cost
Our range of targeted mobile marketing solutions includes:

  • CPI for driving app download campaigns at scale
  • CPR to track new customer registrations and measure customer value post-install
  • CPS for driving sales from mobile web and in app
  • CPI + CPS to drive app installs and track subsequent sales through deferred deep-linking
  • CPL to drive quality leads and capture customer data from the mobile environment
  • CPCall to help mobile traffic convert through an effective direct response solution
  • CPM to drive awareness from rich mobile media formats and guide consumers through the purchase funnel

Global Mobile affiliate network

Though our global mobile affiliate network you optimise your reach, engagement and acquisition from mobile web, in-app and social. We can provide instant reach within Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America through our mobile affiliate network, which is integrated with 10,000+ quality traffic sources in 240+ countries, with the ability to reach 85% of global internet users.

Our global reach gives us access to 56 billion monthly impressions across Europe; 120 billion monthly impressions in Asia-Pacific; and 16 billion monthly impressions in Latin-America.

Our mobile traffic sources includes:

  • Mobile display networks
  • Mobile affiliates
  • App monetisation platforms
  • App promotion networks
  • Re-targeting networks
  • SMS and Email
  • Comparison sites
  • Cashback and voucher code sites

Mobile affiliates

We help affiliates optimise their earnings from mobile with a wide range of mobile affiliate campaigns. All offer market-leading commissions (CPA, CPR, CPL and CPI) and are supported by advanced mobile tracking solutions that track sales, leads and installs across desktop, mobile site and mobile app. Our mobile ad formats help increase conversion with real-time tracking and visibility for all mobile activity, and we also provide simple, easy-to-integrate SDKs for all major mobile platforms.

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