Post-Install Performance Marketing

Advertisers want assurance around ROI from mobile media spend. Key concerns are what happens with the conversion post install – that’s where the ROI is.

That’s why Optimise developed post-install performance marketing solutions, including CPA based mobile advertising – the most efficient user acquisition solution.

Benefits of partnering with Optimise:

  • We can help you maximise your reach with campaigns that appeal to a broad range of affiliates
  • Our diverse range of affiliates helps build out your campaign, testing different media across mobile web, in-app and social
  • Whilst protecting your marketing ROI by only paying out on the action that is most valuable to you
  • Simple and easy campaign configuration with minimal lead-time to launching campaigns
  • Real-time data sync of all pertinent performance data through a combination of postback and APIs

Mobile marketing

Our Post-install performance marketing solutions can protect your ROI by only paying out on the action that’s most valuable to you, whether that’s installs (CPI), registrations (CPR), or sales (CPA).

Our range of mobile marketing solutions also include deep-linking into mobile apps, post-install event tracking, in-app sales tracking, as well as seamless integration with all major 3rd party tracking platforms and global mobile ad networks.

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Mobile tracking

Our advanced mobile technology lets you track all activity on mobile browsers, m-commerce sites and mobile apps across all major platforms. Our cross-device tracking solution gives you an accurate picture of how consumers are interacting with the performance marketing channel across all devices, and lets you reward publishers for multi-device purchase journeys too.

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Developer SDKs

We provide a range of simple, easy-to-integrate SDKs to help you optimise earnings from mobile traffic and media by driving in-app sales and app installs. With our SDKs, you can benefit from our advanced mobile tracking technology and track installs, clicks, subscriptions, level completions, purchases, upgrades and much more.

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Mobile intelligence

We use our state-of-the-art technology, data and insight to provide unrivalled intelligence on mobile performance. With the high level of granular detail we offer, you can optimise sales by device, operating system, service provider and mobile media format.

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Mobile Trends

Our mobile data is drawn from 9.2 million network transactions in 2015, across all of our advertisers, spanning the retail, travel, finance, insurance and utilities verticals in UK, Eastern Europe, India, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

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