We’re always working to improve our technology, data and insight to offer unrivalled performance intelligence. By using data more intelligently, we build a more detailed picture of customer segments – what people like, how they shop and where and when they buy, plus a fine-grained understanding of where the most valuable sales come from. This sophisticated insight enables us to develop profiles of what the ‘best’ customers look like, so you can target them across our affiliate and mobile networks.

Behavioural intelligence

Our behavioural-intelligence performance reports give you an integrated overview of which types of customers are engaging with and buying from your site, together with insight into where your most valuable sales come from. Browse reports by demographic, geo, device, seasonal trends, basket items and lookalike profiling of your ‘best’ customers.

Media intelligence

Our media-intelligence performance reports show you exactly how different types of media perform, including by publisher, publisher type, position & placement, events, basket items and creative formats. With this insight, you can optimise media to ensure you’re promoting the right product, to the right person, at the right time on the right device, with the right message.

Market intelligence

Gauge your performance against competitors with our market-intelligence reports. They include deep and detailed data benchmarking your performance against industry averages and competitors on key performance metrics such as commissions, conversions, EPCs, spend, publisher mix and publishers’ perceptions of your programmes. Our industry-leading reports enable you to optimise all your media, take advantage of tactical opportunities within established channels and leverage our expertise to capitalise on emerging channels and technologies.


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