Data Management (Platform)

As the marketing currency of the future, data should lead the design of effective and well-optimised performance-marketing campaigns. With our data-management platform and data exchange, you can benefit from our unrivalled performance intelligence and customer profiling to optimise customer experiences, strengthen brand messaging, improve conversion and ultimately drive higher return on marketing spend.

Data-management platform

Our data-management platform is the ‘engine room’ of our technology. Over the last few years we’ve made a significant investment in our data warehouse and cloud storage capabilities, meaning we can store and process vast amounts of data in real time.

Every bit of data we record is stored in a central location, enabling us to manage cookie IDs, device identifiers and first-party data onboarding. Then we enrich this data with high-quality third-party data sources to give you a holistic insight into the profiles of your ‘best’ customers, and the ability to target specific customer profiles to optimise future media buys.

Data exchange

We use our data exchange to provide easy access to performance data via APIs for product feeds, products, performance reporting, voucher-code feeds and reward solutions. That gives you a more automated and efficient way to integrate our data into your systems, freeing up your time to optimise campaign performance and marketing RoI.


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