Media Optimisation

Use our affiliate, mobile and rewards solutions to optimise your paid, owned and earned media. Our affiliate and mobile networks optimise paid-for media across touchpoints throughout customers’ buying journeys to maximise your share of traffic and reach. Use our reward solutions to optimise relevant owned and earned media to drive customer acquisition and value, and turn customers into brand advocates. We help you target the most valuable customers at the ideal time, using relevant media on the right device to optimise your conversion and return on marketing spend.



Display media

Optimise the effectiveness of your display media through our range of targeted display media solutions, giving you access to premium inventory across desktop, social, mobile web and in app. With our advanced performance intelligence we can help you make smarter decisions around what the ‘best’ customers look like and optimise your display budgets by targeting the specific attributes of your most valuable customers. We can prospect more of the high value customers and optimise your display media budget for success.

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Intelligent tracking

Our affiliate network, mobile network and reward solutions are built on a robust, state-of-the-art proprietary tracking platform, tailored for all devices, that provides you with real-time tracking, de-duplication and reporting. This provides an accurate, integrated overview of all activity, so you can optimise all media to drive greater volume and value of sales and better ROI.

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Data-management platform

As the marketing currency of the future, data should lead the design of effective and well-optimised performance-marketing campaigns. With our data-management platform and data exchange, you can benefit from our unrivalled performance intelligence and customer profiling to optimise customer experiences, strengthen brand messaging, improve conversion and ultimately drive higher return on marketing spend.

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Performance intelligence

We’re always working to improve our technology, data and insight to offer unrivalled performance intelligence. By using data more intelligently, we build a more detailed picture of customer segments – what people like, how they shop and where and when they buy, plus a fine-grained understanding of where the most valuable sales come from. This sophisticated insight enables us to develop profiles of what the ‘best’ customers look like, so you can target them across our affiliate and mobile networks.

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