Intelligent Tracking

Our affiliate network, mobile network and reward solutions are built on a robust, state-of-the-art proprietary tracking platform, tailored for all devices, that offers real-time tracking, de-duplication and reporting. Our tracking gives you an accurate, integrated overview of all activity, enabling you to optimise all media to drive sales and ROI.

We continually develop our tracking to take advantage of the evolving performance-marketing landscape, driven by changes in technology, devices and consumer behaviour. Solutions currently available include:

Call tracking

We offer unique telephone number allocation, granular reporting and effective validation, helping you convert more mobile traffic and effectively promote products that require a more involved purchase decision. Conversion rates are comparable with those typically associated with call-centre activity.

Cross-device tracking

Our cross-device tracking provides an accurate picture of how consumers interact with the performance-marketing channel across all devices, and rewards publishers for multi-device purchase journeys.

Extended data

With extended-data tracking, you can review performance by sales value and identify the core factors driving higher-value sales. That lets you optimise all media at every level to target your most valuable customers and optimise sales value.

Event tracking

Get an integrated overview of all consumer actions across the sales funnel with our event tracking, allowing you to reduce abandonment and boost conversion. Our solutions also enable effective cross-device and retargeting tracking.

Item tracking

Our item tracking lets you track sales at an individual product level, giving valuable insight into which products consumers are buying that you can use to optimise sales volume and value.

Mobile tracking

Our advanced technology lets you track all activity across mobile browsers, m-commerce sites and mobile apps, on all major mobile platforms. You get an accurate picture of how consumers are interacting with the performance marketing channel across all devices, along with the ability to reward publishers for multi-device purchase journeys.

Post-impression tracking

Our post-impression tracking recognises the value of a consumer who views an advert and does not click through straight away, but returns within a set timeframe to make a purchase. It means you can benefit from targeting the right customers at the right time to improve conversion and marketing RoI.


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