We pride ourselves on the quality of our affiliate network. Our strict approval criteria guarantee that only genuine publishers with good-quality traffic and transactions are approved to join.

Affiliate network approval

Our meticulous approach to publisher screening includes:

  • Strict network entry criteria to ensure publishers’ sites are relevant, generate quality traffic and are free from any banned content
  • Licences and accreditations such as FCA and DPA numbers recorded against each affiliate profile
  • Robust screening against our internal WatchList, plus checks at Companies House
  • Manual approval means we talk to each and every new publisher to corroborate site ownership and identity before they are approved and given a login.

Affiliate programme approval

We work with you to create rules specific to your programmes, ensuring publishers promote your brand and product in just the way you want.  Our strict policies and processes include:

  • Individual programme rules, agreed with our advertisers, to cover elements such as restrictions around PPC brand bidding, SEO keywords, solus email marketing, cashback and use of advertisers’ content.
  • Approval of publishers by programme, carried out manually to assess suitability and fit.
  • Conditional link provision – we only supply tracking links to publishers once they have been approved onto an advertiser’s programme and have agreed to its specific rules.


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