Developed over many years, our technology platform provides a broad, robust and flexible infrastructure to help you stay ahead in the ever-changing world of performance marketing. You can benefit from full transparency, real-time reporting, state-of-the-art performance intelligence and a wide range of solutions to help you engage with customers and optimise conversion, media earnings and return on marketing spend.


We provide APIs for product feeds, products, reporting, voucher codes and rewards, giving you reliable, easy-to-integrate and fully automated solutions that free up time for optimising your campaigns.


Basket tracking

Basket tracking tracks sales at an individual product level, giving valuable insight into which products consumers are buying that you can use to optimise the volume and value of sales.

Call to get cashback

We are the only affiliate network who can integrate ‘call to get cashback’ into cashback campaigns, so you can benefit from increased conversion, higher average order value and enhanced ROI.

Call tracking

Our call-tracking solution offers unique telephone number allocation, granular reporting and effective validation. You benefit from stronger conversion from mobile traffic and on products that require a more involved purchase decision, as well as levels of conversion comparable with call-centre activity.

Mobile tracking

Our advanced technology tracks all activity across mobile browsers, m-commerce sites and mobile apps, on all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows. Harness the m-commerce explosion by optimising mobile traffic, conversion and sales to boost your earnings from mobile media and return on marketing spend.

Post-impression tracking

Our post-impression tracking recognises the value of a consumer who views an advert and does not click through straight away, but returns within a set timeframe to make a purchase. It means you can benefit from targeting the right customers at the right time to improve conversion and marketing RoI.

Product feeds

Our product feeds contain comprehensive product and price information, all available within your login. Feeds are fully customisable, allowing publishers to optimise conversion at a category or product level.


We have partnered with the major retargeting publishers to offer retargeting on a CPA commission model. After integrating with our container tag, advertisers can drive sales via email retargeting, display advertising remarketing and interactive overlay solutions.

Voucher feeds

Our voucher feeds deliver all advertiser voucher codes in a downloadable feed, allowing publishers to promote the best offers in the market in an efficient, automated way.

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