Optimise Your Reach

The key to optimising content and calls to action is knowing which customer types engage with which types of publishers, and at what point in their buying journey. We use our state-of-the-art technology, unrivalled sector-level experience and performance intelligence to match publishers and their customers to the most relevant advertisers and products at the right time, on the right device, with the right message. That helps you drive sales, extend reach and enhance brand preference, engagement and loyalty.


Our email-marketing publishers have extensive customer demographic data and can segment their databases for precision targeting that extends reach, originates need and triggers purchases.


Our social affiliates can extend reach, drive awareness and help originate need via highly targeted promoted posts and ads on Facebook, or promoted tweets. If the product is relevant, consumers may not need to evaluate alternatives at all, meaning long-term value may be higher.

Native advertising

Native advertising can be a great way to inform, educate and engage prospective customers during earlier stages of the buying journey. We use our performance intelligence to make sure we are targeting valuable audiences who are most likely to be interested. We also track all activity back to an ROI, such as eCPA or eCPL goals, to enable continuous optimisation of content and targeting.

Programmatic display

Programmatic media buying allows us to use ‘audience intelligence’ to inform automated buying of media in real time based on the perceived value of that impression, or user. Our performance intelligence lets us make smarter decisions around what the ‘best’ customers look like. We then use programmatic display to buy an ‘audience’ and put the right media in front of them at the right time, on the right device, with the right message.

Content websites

Our content publishers generate awareness among a large base of consumers whose needs are aligned to a particular interest. Their bias towards editorial content means they can communicate all unique selling points, features and benefits – not just price. We can also optimise sales through relevant incentive marketing campaigns using our reward solutions.

Comparison websites

Our comparison publishers let consumers compare prices, features and benefits of products from a range of advertisers. These sites will drive significant volume if a product is competitively priced. We optimise sales through strong, effective EPCs, and make sure the focus is always on long-term value.

Cashback, loyalty and rewards websites

Our cashback, loyalty and rewards publishers are highly trusted brands with vast reach, who can drive significant volume if the offer is strong. In a cashback context, products that may be also-rans on comparison sites can be transformed into market leaders. Cashback sites can also help originate a need to purchase, especially from advertisers who consumers may not have considered before. We focus on generating long-term value by targeting offers at more profitable customer segments, and leverage our unique ‘call to get cashback’ technology to convert mobile traffic.

Coupon and rebate websites

Our coupon and rebate publishers are trusted brands with very wide reach. Given a strong offer, they can drive major volume. We develop unique offers to gain exposure via email, homepage and category hot spots. We use quick-expire codes to drive immediate sales and exclusives to incentivise publishers to refer higher quality, repeat customers. We also optimise paid search campaigns for ‘brand + voucher’ keywords to drive incremental sales.

Paid-search publishers

Paid-search publishers can provide instant, targeted sales volume for the full ‘long tail’ of brand and generic keywords across desktop and mobile. We optimise paid-search publishers by making sure they support brand protection, pushing out competitors from the paid search space. We also ensure they promote a broader range of unique selling points to complement advertisers’ existing paid-search strategy, whilst managing brand PPC bid prices so they are always cost-effective.

Retargeting and remarketing

These publishers let advertisers re-engage consumers who have visited a website but not purchased. We optimise these technologies by setting clear cookie hierarchy rules to keep the focus on driving incremental sales making sure certain traffic sources, such as direct traffic, are excluded.

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