Case Studies

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Using performance intelligence to increase sales volume and LTV | Car Insurance

A leading UK Insurer wanted increased sales volume and customer LTV from the performance marketing channel. Optimise implemented an extended-data tracking solution, combined with sophisticated performance intelligence to analyse which affiliates delivered a higher volume of sales with breakdown cover purchased as an add-on to the policy purchased. We identified that Community, Voucher Code and Content sites were typically delivering more than double the percentage of sales with breakdown cover included as an ‘add-on’. We also identified that Content Sites promoting a non-incentivised offer delivered a mean premium value that was 75% higher than the mean premium value delivered from cashback sites. Voucher Code sites using an incentivised offer delivered a mean premium value 27% greater than cashback sites.

This intelligence enabled Optimise to focus on those affiliates driving the most valuable sales, increasing prominence and exposure, and in turn driving up acquisition volumes of higher value car insurance policies, with the knowledge that the ROI was higher for the Advertiser. This strategy allowed the advertiser to realise a 19% YOY increase in sales volumes while maintaining their blended CPA and increasing the number of policies with add-ons by 57% on average and increasing GWP by 21%.

Using performance intelligence to optimise click share | Breakdown Insurance

A major UK Breakdown provider wanted to challenge their competitors’ click volumes and grow their market share within the Cashback channel, without increasing their CPA. Optimise implemented an event tracking solution, and combined this with performance data to analyse sales funnel conversion from click through to quote and sale. This sales funnel conversion data gave the client increased visibility and the confidence to launch a cost-per-quote campaign within the cashback channel. The campaign was designed to achieve greater exposure and to challenge their competitors’ click volumes, whilst growing market share of sales cost effectively.

During the trial we delivered a 55% uplift in unique quotes and 39% uplift in sales, compared to the previous period. We also able proactively measured an improvement in traffic quality and ultimately delivered a lower effective CPA.


Optimising Affiliate Marketing | Lloyds Banking Group

Optimise were ‘highly commended’ for The Finance Award at the 2011 Performance Marketing Awards for the optimisation of Lloyds Banking Group’s credit card performance marketing programme. LBG wanted to sustain sales volumes, improve account value, develop existing customer propositions alongside new customer growth and diversify the affiliate base. LBG’s performance marketing programme was optimised for success by strengthening relationships with key affiliates through roundtables to optimise performance; broadening the affiliate mix to include email marketing and driving strong ROI through enhanced customer targeting and high converting content.

Affiliate CPAs were tailored to reflect the customer net profit value and bespoke deals were leveraged to optimise sales through tenancy and prominent table positions. Optimise leveraged A/B testing on for affiliate landing pages to fully optimise conversion rates and the effects were remarkable. The email channel grew to deliver 15% of the total sales volumes, the Lloyds brands brand became the 2nd and 3rd most popular provider on Quidco, and the click to sale conversion increased by 40%.

Optimising Performance | Acquisition and ROI growth for RBS

Winning the High Commendation for The Finance Award at the 2014 Performance Marketing Awards, Optimise grew RBS’ performance marketing programme, and achieved their objectives of reducing reliance on Aggregators, increasing conversion and prominence with affiliates and optimising ROI, all underpinned by a robust compliance framework.

RBS’ performance marketing was optimised for success by broadening the affiliate mix to include email, cashback and video affiliates, launching dynamic landing pages for affiliates, overhauling tracking and payments to breed confidence with affiliates, increasing the breadth of products to provide affiliates with more options to optimise their traffic, exploiting purchase trigger points, such as dedicated ‘car loans’ landing pages. Commissions were optimised too; working to blended CPA and EPC and applying bespoke rates to drive greater prominence with higher acquisition volume. Our results were impressive, with a +116% year on year growth in sales, a 58% increase in conversion rates, and a reduction in the average blended CPA of c.30%.


Optimising the Value of the Cashback channel | Policy Expert and Click to call Campaign

Policy Expert, a challenger home insurance brand, wanted to innovative within the cashback channel to improve customer engagement levels and drive more volume to the call centre. We implemented our innovative ‘call to get cashback’ technology with the major cashback sites which enabled customers to call Policy Expert directly. The full end to end journey was tracked and conversion optimised through a ‘matching message’ so that the call centre agent knew the customer had called from a cashback site and what the cashback amount value was. Our results were outstanding – call to get cashback increased sales to deliver almost 10% of all affiliate sales, improved conversion rates to c. 50% quote to sale and increased upsells by 47% compared to online, increasing policy values overall.

Optimising Mobile for Mortgage Acquisitions| Mortgage Cost Per Call Campaign

A major high street bank wanted to increase acquisition volumes for their mortgages portfolio via affiliates but did not have a mobile solution for online applications. Optimise implemented call tracking with key affiliates to enable prospective customers to talk to an advisor during the complex mortgage application process, driving up conversion rates across desktop and mobile, with customer lead quality optimised via a 5 minute call duration.

The results were staggering with over 10,000 validated calls were delivered in a five month period, propelling the call programme to the 2nd largest online channel in volume terms, with the highest ROI of all the online channels, delivering 40% higher returns than brand PPC.


Optimising Acquisition without compromising Compliance |Legal & General Affiliate Campaign

Winners of The Finance Award at the 2014 Performance Marketing Awards, Optimise were best in class for management and growth of the Legal & General affiliate campaign. L&G wanted to drive immediate growth to achieve sales targets, increase lifetime value of cashback customers and ensure a strong compliance framework.

L&G’s performance marketing programme was optimised for success by driving incremental growth from existing affiliates, introduced new affiliate partners. We were also first in market to introduce a staggered cashback campaign and bonus-driven tenancy strategies, delivering a cost saving to L&G. Underpinned by our robust content compliance management and close relationship with affiliates, our results were impressive – sales volumes exceeded target by as much as 43% in some months, and the annual sales target was exceeded by 5%, without any compliance breaches by affiliates.

Optimising ARPU | AVIVA Cross Sale Campaign

Winning the High Commendation for Advertiser Innovation at the 2015 Performance Marketing Awards, Optimise powered the Aviva cross-sell campaign, with our Reward Solutions. Aviva’s primary objectives were to increase cross sale acquisition and customer lifetime value from existing Home insurance customers.

To achieve this we integrated our Rewards cross-sell solution with Aviva’s MyAviva mobile app and web login, developed a silent registration process to deliver a seamless and simple customer journey to promote Car insurance to existing home insurance customers. Working closely with Aviva, we developed an algorithm to incentivise the right customers with the right product at the right time through a “Next best offers” call to action. Our cross sell rewards solution was optimised for success and increased cross-sales by 40%, improved the value of gross premiums by 16%, whilst reducing the effective CPA by 5%. The cross-sale rewards solution delivers one of the lowest cost per acquisition rates across all home insurance acquisition channels